Binary Bounce Back

Studio Interrogation exploring issues of intersubjectivity.

Rather than being an inevitable consequence of representational dualism – of the subjective gaze – is knowledge, then, simply a necessary consequence of practice? Is it possible that an object have knowledge in and of itself, in-itself alone? Surely if an object has knowledge per se, this is gained only through its interaction with other objects? In which case, knowledge preceded objects – things are known to objects only because they have already been practiced. Yet without objects there is nothing to partake in practice. Again from a dualist position we are confronted with a seemingly unresolvable methodological paradox that seems to validate representational ontologies of the mind. As this has been shown as equally problematic in order to resolve the recursive conundrum of digital representation, we need to push beyond dualisms and consider the agencies of intentionality such as that developed by Edmund Husserl.

Excerpt from paperĀ Whats the Matter? 2015