Interview with a Chainsaw.

Interview with a Chainsaw: An Object Oriented Exploitation Manual.

A critical reflection framed within the construct of the ‘interview’ the text seeks to understand how the subject shifts position under non-anthropocentric models such as those proposed by Speculative Realism. It questions the extent to which issues of causation can be adequately articulated when not informed by practice-based research. While non-correlational models suggest a significant shift in the role of the artist/interviewer, this is framed as an extension of the process and media-driven practices of the 60/70 dematerialized conceptual practices in that the authorship of the work is co-constituted in the dynamic interplay between object and subject. Citing Joseph Beuys’ How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, 1965, and Jim Allen’s Poetry for Chainsaws, 1976, the spoken word or ‘interview’ is explored as a modernist construct that being fundamentally anthropocentric in nature, problematises causation and practice based research. As such artistic practice is shown to be in conflict with Object Oriented Ontologies flat ontological stance.
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