Double Dribble

DobuleBounceComboWhiteA six screen responsive video work shown here as a short single screen video.
Double Dribble runs on 6 wall mounted flat screens arranged as a grid with vertical pairs separated by a space equal to that of the screens. Motion analysis software detects the presence of a viewer and activates pairs of videos to play each randomly offset from the others. The effect is an endlessly variable sequence in which the videos overlap – Sometimes almost synchronizing at other times alone each pair oscillates between points of contact with the hand and the floor editing out the passage of the ball between them.
[vimeo clip_id=145010881  autoplay=1 automute=0 ]
Double dribble was filmed with two Go-pro cameras mounted on a vertical pole. Unlike a single frame with an area masked out, each video is synchronous with the other only because they share the same event. Each video is discrete in itself yet continuous in the event of the action filmed as made present by the event of the viewer.
Double Dribble, 2014.